• Hydrex Spain in Algeciras, Gibraltar: Ideal for underwater operations

    Hydrex Spain in Algeciras, Gibraltar: Ideal for underwater operations


    As part of the Hydrex group, our office in Algeciras takes advantage of our 45 years of experience in the ship repair and maintenance industry. The ideal location of the office allows for a fast response in the bay of Algeciras and Gibraltar.

    Hydrex Spain offers a large variety of maintenance programs and repair works for ship owners and the offshore industry, including underwater and afloat repairs.
    Diving conditions are very good in Algeciras making it a perfect location for repair work. The shelter of the bay and the visibility are ideal to anchor a vessel and have repair or maintenance work carried out. For all ships making their way across the Atlantic to the American continent Algeciras is also an ideal place for berthing or bunkering.

    Underwater maintenance services are available for vessels of any size, including propeller cleanings, class accepted video surveys, visual and photo surveys or tail-shaft wear down readings.

    Underwater inspections represent a small investment and, if properly done, have the potential to save an owner a great deal of money. If any damage is discovered the repair work can already start while the rest of the equipment is mobilized. This is possible because welding tools for both wet and dry welding work and a range of other repair equipment are already in the office’s fast response center.

    Repair work consists of propeller repairs, temporarily or permanent shell plating crack repairs, mobdock repairs, rudder pintle repairs and any type of welding work.  Hydrex Spain also offers a wide range of afloat repair operations including any type of steel and pipe repair and conversions.

    The office is fully geared to carry out repairs at anchorage, in port almost immediately. All operations are certified by the classification societies and carried out by highly qualified diver/technicians all of which have extensive experience.

    Some recent case studies of operations performed by our divers in Algeciras.

    Underwater bow thruster operation

    Recently our team removed a bow thruster from a 229-meter bulk carrier. Two weeks later the overhauled unit was reinstalled. Both operations were done during stops in Algeciras and had to be carried out within the tight schedule available to the charterer.

    All the necessary equipment was mobilized from our Algeciras fast response center. To keep the impact on the vessel’s schedule to the absolute minimum the divers performed an inspection of the bow thruster unit and tunnel, followed by some preliminary work while the vessel was berthed at a lay-by.

    The vessel could then shift and start cargo operations while our men performed the rest of the operation without any hindrance to the loading schedule.

    Two weeks after we removed the thruster unit our men once again mobilized to the ship. They reinstalled the overhauled unit underwater with the use of the our flexible mobdocks.

    By performing the thruster removal and reinstallation underwater, our divers made it possible for the owner to keep the vessel out of drydock.

    Underwater stern tube seal repair
    Earlier this year one of our teams carried out an underwater stern tube seal repair on a tanker berthed in Algeciras. The ship was suffering from an oil leak and no drydock was available close by. Our divers replaced the damaged seals underwater using one of our flexible mobdocks. This saved the owner an expensive and time-consuming trip to a drydock further away.

    During the operation our divers removed the three damaged seals and replaced them with new ones. Working together with the OEM allowed us to provide our customer with original spare parts which guarantees the best quality material. A technician of the seal manufacturer was also present during the operation.

    Our team was able to carry out the entire repair on-site and underwater with our flexible mobdock technique. Because all the required material is ready to be transported at all times, no time was lost making preparations.

    We organized everything from start to finish for the owner. After the seals had been successfully replaced, he could sail his vessel to her next stop free of oil leaks.

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