Underwater ship hull cleaning

Throughout the years Hydrex has invested in the development of underwater hull cleaning equipment and now offers an international service that can give ships back their efficiency without the need for drydocking. This service is offered on a worldwide basis through a network of underwater hull cleaning stations strategically located around the planet.

The unique design of the Hydrex series of underwater hull cleaning units provides the efficiency and durability demanded by the harsh underwater environment. All systems are carefully constructed so that no damage will occur to those hull coatings which are suitable for underwater cleaning, while still completely removing all types of fouling. This restores a vessel’s performance to as close to its optimum condition as possible and offers shipowners considerable savings in fuel.

Hydrex has a policy not to carry out underwater cleaning activities which result in an increase of pollution by spreading large amounts of toxic materials used in many underwater hull coatings. Please contact us for further information.

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