Underwater cleaning

Fully equipped and operational, all Hydrex offices are ready to mobilize immediately to carry out on-site high quality and fast underwater cleaning operations on offshore units.
By taking advantage of a range of underwater cleaning units designed in-house specifically for offshore operations, all types of fouling can be removed from any type of offshore structure. An all-embracing combination of proprietary single, twin and triple head cleaning machines is used. The twin head MC212 unit is designed for cleaning light, medium and heavy marine fouling from tubular pipes, bracings and legs of offshore oil and gas platforms, jetties, piles, intakes and ship hulls. The triple head MC312 Typhoon machine is easily adaptable to the shape of a ship or pontoon hull. Its heads self-adjust to the contours of the hull making complex areas far easier to clean. Even thick layers of hard marine growth of more than 10 inches can be removed by Hydrex cleaning.

By removing all fouling from an offshore unit its weight is reduced and the available deck capacity is increased. A cleaning operation also facilitates any needed visual inspection or non-destructive testing. This allows owners to be in total control of their unit’s hull condition.

Examples of cleaning work carried out with the Hydrex underwater cleaning units include the removal of a thick layer of barnacles and mussels from a construction support vessel in Houston and three drill ships in the Gulf of Mexico, all owned by Transocean.

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