Constant innovation does not go unnoticed

Constant innovation does not go unnoticed

In November 2017 a delegation of the Flemish business association and the Antwerp city council visited the Hydrex headquarters in Antwerp. The visit was part of a yearly event called ‘Day of the entrepreneur’ during which the most innovative companies in Flanders are put in the spotlight.

Ever since Hydrex was founded in 1974 we have been at the forefront of technological developments in our field of expertise. Over the years our in-house R&D department has kept improving the equipment and techniques our teams use for the wide range of services we offer.

The visit last month offered us the perfect opportunity to showcase some of these technological breakthroughs to an audience outside of the maritime sector. This was done with several demonstrations in our fast-response center and our three training and test tanks.

A good example of a technique we pioneered are our flexible mobdocks (mini mobile drydock). These make it possible for us to perform permanent dry repairs on seals, thrusters and almost any other part of the underwater vessel on short notice without going to drydock. Another example is our cold straightening equipment. New versions of this machine are regularly put into practice, increasing the range of damage we can repair without cropping.

Over the last few years our R&D department has also designed several technological innovations. Some will drastically improve the efficiency of repair and maintenance work while others will help clean up the oceans and protect the environment.

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