Propeller buffing

We developed an unsophisticated but very efficient technology to enhance propeller blade surfaces. With this method we can achieve surface conditions that were never seen before. This can only be done underwater. 

Large fuel savings with propeller surface treatment technique

We have four workboats equipped to deliver this service on a very short notice in the Rhine-Scheldt delta from Antwerp to Rotterdam.

When a comparison is made between the surface condition of an average propeller, as our divers regularly see it, and the smoothness that is obtained with our cleaning technique, savings are in the 5-10% range. These results are easily achieved. The cost of such an operation is very attractive and is very easily gained back in a matter of days (or even hours).

Regular maintenance is easy to schedule and results in ultra-smooth propeller surfaces. Continuous and large fuel savings are now possible.

This award-winning surface treatment technique justifies having the propeller cleaned every time it calls a port.

Please contact us for more information, we will gladly discuss the benefits of this new technology with you.

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