We offer a unique hull monitoring service to our customers.  This gives shipowners total control of their ship’s hull condition and consequently its performance, with only a minimum of work on their part.

Keep track of the condition of the underwater ship

Underwater inspections represent a small investment. If properly done they have the potential to save an owner a great deal of money. Regular inspections carried out by competent divers and followed by comprehensive and accurate reports can detect problems so that they can be corrected early. This prevents the more costly repair which neglect and further damage would make  necessary.

Inspections performed by our teams include:

  • Underwater In Lieu of drydock / In-water surveys
  • Pintle and tail shaft weardown
  • Pre-docking or pre-sale inspections
  • Specific area inspections
  • Damage inspection
  • NDT testing: MPI, Eddy current, thickness measurements

We have 45 years of experience in both maintenance and repair services. As a result we can carry out any required follow up repair very fast without any unnecessary loss of time. Planning in a new date is not needed as all our diver/technicians are skilled to perform the repair work as well.

If the damage found during an inspection can be anticipated, the required equipment can be mobilized in advance. Otherwise it can be transported to the location of the vessel immediately. This is done from one of our fast response centers where a large stock is available for our teams at all times.

Contact us for more information on inspections or any other underwater service. We are at your disposal 24/7.

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