Underwater maintenance

Smaller maintenance operations are performed by our divers on a daily basis. They are dealt with in a skilled and proficient manner. We treat every assignment with the same professionalism and enthusiasm. This goes for the replacement of a giant azimuth thruster as well as an underwater propeller cleaning. 

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We offer a unique hull monitoring service. This gives shipowners total control of their ship's hull condition with only a minimum of work on their part.

Propeller buffing

We discovered an unsophisticated but very efficient technology to enhance propeller blade surfaces underwater. With this method we can achieve surface conditions that were never seen before.

Anode installation

We can install both ICCP and sacrificial anodes. If needed we can supply the anodes, saving the owner the trouble of having to arrange the delivery himself.


We can blank overboard valves, inlets, seachests or any other underwater opening. This can be done very quickly while a vessel stays on location.

Transducer installation

Our teams can very quickly replace speedlogs and echosounders without any hindrance to a ship’s schedule. We can however also install them should this be required.

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