We have always been at the forefront of technological developments in our field of expertise. We keep evolving the techniques available to our teams.

At the cutting edge of underwater ship repair

All the projects we undertake are engineered and carried out in close cooperation with the customer and any third party suppliers. They begin with evaluating the feasibility of an underwater repair, continue through design and construction of customized equipment and go all the way through to successful execution of the repair or replacement and subsequent follow-up. We take on, organize and execute the entire job, start to finish, relieving the customer of all the hassle of coordination, planning and supervision.

To be able to do this Hydrex has an in-house Research & Development department that can take care of the engineering aspects of an operation. In this way turnkey solutions can be offered for both simple everyday operations and complex repairs that require the construction of specific equipment.

A good example of such a solution was the design and installation of a permanent thruster repair and replacement system on a large Offshore Support Vessel (OSV). This system was developed by the Hydrex R&D department in such a way that it can be adapted and installed on a unit that is going into drydock for a refit. It can also be included in the planning for a newbuild vessel. With such a system on board, any repair work to the thruster that may arise can be dealt with much more quickly and easily.

Hydrex continues to invest in the research necessary to continue evolving repair techniques and procedures. For example, new versions of the Hydrex propeller blade cold straightening machine are regularly put into use to allow Hydrex repair teams to straighten bent blades that could previously only be cropped.

Over the years the Hydrex R&D department has kept improving the flexible mobdock (mobile mini drydock) technique to make it possible for Hydrex diver/technicians to perform permanent repairs on seals, thrusters and almost any other part of the underwater vessel without going to drydock.

Permanent underwater repairs to all types of propellers now possible

The Hydrex R&D department has developed a repair system that allows Hydrex to perform permanent underwater repairs to every type of propeller in dry conditions. All kinds of repair or maintenance work can be carried out to propellers, twin propellers, variable pitch propellers, azipod and collapsible thrusters.

This is especially important news for supply vessels, navy ships or any vessel under contract or on a location far away from available drydock possibilities. Staying on hire for underwater repairs will save precious time and money.

This new repair system can be transported by air transport to any location around the world from the Hydrex fast response centers within a very short time frame. It can be assembled very quickly (12 hours) on-site.

With the implementation of this technique our diver/technicians can now perform permanent repairs to all parts of the underwater ship propulsion system in drydock-like conditions.

This R&D is all done with the aim of being able to offer customers the most efficient solution, whether the required services involve the inspection of a vessel’s external condition and any required maintenance work, or highly technical major repairs and replacements of a ship’s external underwater equipment and machinery. In all cases the research and development is aimed at reducing cost and off-hire time for customers while maintaining the highest quality standards of repair and maintenance. Evidence of our success is the growing list of awards from various classification societies and maritime bodies for our innovation in the industry.