Thruster repairs

We can perform a wide range of thruster repairs on all types of units. An entire unit can be overhauled, propeller blades or seals can be replaced or repair work on a specific part of a thruster can be performed on-site. All of these repairs can be carried out without the need to drydock the vessel.

Thruster repairs

Underwater thruster repairs

Tunnel thruster operations are carried out using our flexible mobdocks that close off the tunnel on both sides. This allows divers to work in a dry environment around the unit. Our range of flexible mobdocks can quickly be transported to any location .

We can perform bow thruster removals and reinstallations on all types of tunnel thrusters. These repairs are carried out in cooperation with OEMs.  They are performed while the vessel stays afloat without impact on its schedule.

In most cases a thruster overhaul is planned in during a scheduled drydocking. This usually means that the unit is removed in drydock. The ships then has to wait for the overhauled thruster to return and be reinstalled before the vessel can leave drydock. This results in a longer drydock time and consequent cost. Our teams can however remove the unit while the ship is still afloat so it can already be brought to the manufacturer for the overhaul. When the vessel enters drydock the overhauled unit is ready for reinstallation without any delay.

The reverse procedure is also possible. If the thruster is removed in drydock, we can reinstall it underwater in dry conditions at a later date. In this way the ship can already leave drydock while the unit is still with the manufacturer.

Contact us for more information on bow thruster or other underwater repairs. We are at your disposal 24/7.

We have developed lightweight flexible mobdocks designed to be easily transported around the world. They are used to close off the thruster tunnel on both sides. This allows divers to work in a dry environment around the unit.

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