Expanding Hydrex services even more

Expanding Hydrex services even more

Since the company was founded in 1974, we have never stopped looking for new ways to assist ship owners. Our constantly growing range of services needs an equally full range of capable staff members. From the technical department doing the planning, over the R&D department handling the engineering aspect to the diver/technicians who carry out the class-approved operations.

New team members have been recruited in all areas, including a 25% growth of our diver/technician team. They need the best possible work environment to deliver the best possible quality for our customers. A largescale expansion was therefore the logical result of the growth we have undergone in the last couple of years.

New offices and meeting rooms are accommodating the staff of our headquarters. The existing offices and warehouses as well as the exterior of all buildings have also been refurbished. A totally new workshop has been added to the existing locations, bringing the total area covered to over 5.000 m².

A swift reaction remains one of the most important elements of our services. Our fast response centers are designed for immediate action whenever needed. They feature a diver training center with three diving tanks and a workshop for constructing equipment, tools or replacement items for underwater repairs.

Being located in the port has always made the Hydrex headquarters ideally suited to mobilize our workboats to operations in Belgium, the Netherlands, the U.K. and France. Our boats as well as our vans and trucks are fully accommodated to serve as dive support stations and can mobilize at moment’s notice to emergency operations. A wide range of additional state-of-the-art equipment and tools is available at all times in our fast response center and can be loaded onto the boats or vans immediately.

Recently the dock space available to us has been extended and closed off for traffic. This is the result of our excellent cooperation with the city and the Port of Antwerp. It has expanded the logistic possibilities even further.

The combination of our increased office size and advanced warehouses allows us to offer you the highest quality services. This is the real reason behind the expansion of our headquarters. We want to provide our customers with the fastest and most cost effective solutions, providing a long-lasting product.

We invite you to call us 24/7 and get advice on any problem without cost or obligation. We always deliver what we promise.

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