Hydrex keynote speaker at conference in Rome

Hydrex keynote speaker at conference in Rome

On November 15, 2016 Hydrex Sales Officer Steven De Keyzer gave the keynote speech at a conference on the advantages of underwater technology for ship maintenance. The event was organized by the Rome branch of Italian naval engineers society ATENA.

ATENA (Associazione Italiana di Tecnica Navale) was founded in 1947 on the initiative of a group of Italian marine engineers. Its members give competent professional contributions in the field of design, construction and operation of ships, with a focus on transport safety and the marine environment.*

The event was a great success with a large turnout of representatives of shipowners, the Italian Navy and other marine professionals. Those present were very interested in the wide range of operations Hydrex can carry out on-site and underwater.

“The event was organized to create the opportunity to inform our audience of the technical possibilities of underwater work,” said Ing. Massimo De Domenico, the President of the Rome division of ATENA. “The conference reached its goal, because it demonstrated that shipowners can avoid going to drydock, both for everyday maintenance operations and challenging repairs.”

Also present was Mr. Dario Cacciottoli, representing Hydrex’ Italian agent Marine EQ. He stated that “it was a very interesting and well organized event that made it possible to show the wide range of jobs which can be done underwater today.” Mr. Cacciottoli was very pleased that a diverse audience attended the event. “I believe they were happy with the presentations and the interesting discussion at the end,” he said. “We are very thankful to ATENA and especially Mr. De Domenico to give us this opportunity.”

Keynote speaker Mr. De Keyzer shared the same opinion. “Some people were surprised at the scope of what we can do for their ship without having to go to drydock,” Mr. De Keyzer said. “I encouraged everyone to contact us with any problem they might experience with their vessel. We can give you fast and clear answers and will offer you a solution. Whether you need a simple maintenance operation or a complex tailor-made repair, we can help you.”

*Source: http://www.atenanazionale.it/

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