Immediate worldwide mobilization for underwater seal repairs

Immediate worldwide mobilization for underwater seal repairs

We have developed a flexible mobdock repair method that enables the underwater replacement of all types and sizes of shaft seals. This technology has been successfully used by our diver/technicians for over a decade. It allows ship owners to keep their vessel sailing, saving precious time and money.

Damaged stern tube seals will cause an increasing amount of oil leaking or water ingress as the damage worsens. By replacing the seals when the damage is first discovered, we keep the down time low. The ship can keep its schedule as seal repairs can be performed during cargo operations. We do this by creating a dry underwater working environment around the shaft.

It is not always straightforward to replace seals, because there can be quite a bit of variation in the configurations of the stern tube itself. There can also be complications with the liners, which can be worn down and show ruts. All this is routinely handled by our teams on the jobs.

All shaft seal repairs we offer are performed in cooperation with the OEM. We usually supply the equipment but the owner is free to supply his own OEM seals. We can handle all type of seals from all manufacturers.

In this article you can find a short summary of a recent stern tube seal repair.

No drydocking needed
One of our diver/technician team carried out underwater stern tube seal repairs on a 225-meter bulk carrier during the vessel’s stop in Ghent. The ship’s stern tube was suffering an oil leak, making a quick on-site repair necessary.

We have been using our flexible mobdock technology successfully for almost twenty years and our teams have carried out many underwater shaft seal replacements in that period. As a result our technical department was able to offer a repair plan to the customer very quickly.

Once the operation was approved all preparations were handled swiftly. Our diver/technicians mobilized to the ship with one of our workboats. These are fully equipped as dive support stations.

During the operation the team removed the damaged seals and replaced them with new ones. Working together with the OEM allowed us to provide our customer with original spare parts which guarantees the best quality material. A technician of the seal manufacturer was also present during the operation.

Taking advantage of the Hydrex flexible mobdock technique our men were able to carry out the entire repair on-site and underwater. Because all the required material is ready to be transported at all times, no time is lost making preparations. As a result the owner of the bulk carrier did not have to delay his ship’s schedule unnecessary, let alone arrange a costly and unwelcome trip to drydock.

Our fast response centers are equipped with all the latest facilities, lightweight equipment and tools. This allows for a timely arrival of our teams on any location around the world with everything they need to successfully complete the job.

Contact us for more information on seal or other underwater repairs. We are at your disposal 24/7.

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