Installation of new echo sounder in a single day

Installation of new echo sounder in a single day

Last month our diver/welders installed a new echo sounder and speed log system in the shell plating of a roro vessel during her stop in Eemshaven. Our teams can very quickly install or replace any type of transducer without any hindrance to a ship’s schedule. This was demonstrated when the operation in the Netherlands was concluded in a single day.

The team mobilized from the Hydrex headquarters in Antwerp, arriving at the vessel’s location together with all the needed equipment.

Quayside preparations were made for the operation, which started with an inspection of the tank where the echo sounder was to be installed. A small hole was then drilled in the shell plating to pinpoint the exact location on the waterside of the hull.

The team then installed a mobdock, constructed at our fast response center, over the designated area. This allowed them to perform work inside the tank without water ingress. A part of the adjacent frame was removed to give our welders a proper working space for the operation.

The area that needed to be cut away was marked on the shell plating and removed. The edges of the opening were then prepared for the installation of the echo sounder base flange which was positioned and secured with a full penetration weld.

Next an independent inspector carried out NDT testing of the weld seams. The system valve was  then installed on top of the flange by our team. Finally the cofferdam was removed from the hull, concluding the operation. The combined echo sounder/speed log system was ready for connection to the engine room.

Our divers are certified wet and dry welders as well as technicians. We made sure that the operation was finished in the shortest possible time frame, without any delay for the customer.

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