Rudder repairs

We perform repairs at anchorage on any type of rudder or while the vessel is berthed without interrupting cargo operations. In most cases these repairs are permanent and do not require follow up.

Permanent afloat repairs with unique rudder mobdock

Permanent in-water rudder repairs were previously not possible and ships had to drydock in cases where a major defect was found. We have however designed equipment that allow us to perform permanent rudder repairs on-site. The equipment can be mobilized to any port in the world at moment’s notice. This enables us to offer this service very swiftly on a worldwide basis.

Major defects on rudders very often cause unscheduled drydocking of ships. The technique designed by our R&D department allows engineers, welders and inspectors to perform their tasks in a dry environment with the vessel still afloat.

With the use of our flexible mobdock technique class approved permanent repairs are now possible on-site. Steel repairs and replacements can be performed and other technical defects can be solved without the loss of time and money associated with drydocking.

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